תרומה לחיילים בודדים

Donation for individual soldiers

Are you thinking about donating to individual soldiers, but you are not entirely sure how you can help? The truth is, for you donating money is less possible? You're not alone. In addition, one of the wonderful things that can be said about donating to lone soldiers is that you can donate in any way you want.

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עמותה לחיילים בודדים

An association for lone soldiers

It is important to understand what an association for lone soldiers actually does in order to understand why it is the right choice for a donation. Try for a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the lone soldier. He enlisted out of a desire to contribute, is in the army for long weeks and ends up leaving for the weekend.

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מרכז לחיילים בודדים

A center for lone soldiers

All single soldiers deserve to get a weekend away from the army and just rest. To know that there is someone who is waiting for them, takes care of them, prepares food for them and also gives them warmth and love. That is why such centers are a very important matter in our country.

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חיילים בודדים תרומות

Individual soldiers donations

When talking about lone soldiers donations, it is important to take into account the project of establishing a warm home for lone soldiers. If we manage to build such a home, every single soldier will have a place to return to. It is true that the soldiers will still meet the definition of "lone soldiers",

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חיילים בודדים עמותה

Lone Soldiers Association

It is difficult to talk about individual soldiers and not talk about the future of the country. It's true, the IDF should be the one who bears responsibility and takes care of all the soldiers it recruits for its services. In practice, we are far from this idyllic situation. That's why it's worth knowing that there are also many exciting and special initiatives on the subject of individual soldiers and associations.

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בית לחיילים בודדים

Home for lone soldiers

We want to go back to the warm house, the delicious food and our comfortable bed. However, the lone soldiers have nowhere to return, so a home for lone soldiers is a real mitzvah. Every young man who serves in the army wants, after a few weeks at the base or in the field, to get to a more comfortable place.

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בית חם לחיילים בודדים

A warm home for lonely soldiers

In Israel there are quite a few people with great initiative, and some of them wonder how it is possible to build a warm home for lone soldiers. In practice, this is not an easy challenge, since many volunteers are needed, a place where it will be possible to build such a house and a host of other matters that need to be taken care of.

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Who is a lone soldier? What are his needs?

What is a lone soldier? Who is a lone soldier? What are the criteria to be considered a lone soldier? What are the needs of a lone soldier? An article by Yosef Shiloni, chairman of the Beit Almog Shiloni association. Who is a lone soldier?

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