Honorary Foreigner Fund (Amichai)

Keren Halno was born on the 21st of Av 5777 (5/8/77) to Yuala and Yural Amichai, she grew up in Nahariya together with her three brothers and sister.

In the city of Modi'in, where the rest of the siblings also live, Keren started a glorious family together with her husband - Itamar Zer Kavod. They have four children - Shahar, Amit, Maayan and Jordan.

Keren dealt with the cancer that was spreading in her body for five years. Her dealing with the disease testified to her determination in all areas of life - in studies, education, family unity and trying to hold on to life.
After the doctors reported that she had defeated the tumor, Keren decided to change the direction of her life. She wanted to study nursing and become a nurse, so she could help others and support them from her personal experience.

Unfortunately, Keren did not have time to finish her studies and fulfill her dream, the cancer returned a second time and Keren passed away on the 17th in Zion Tashpa (28/5/2021).

The hundreds of people who accompanied her on her last journey, as well as the thousands of people who visited during the seven, spoke volumes about Keren's influence on their lives.

In order to commemorate Keren and reflect the contribution to others, the responsibility, education and mutual guarantee that were part of the values that led Keren, the family decided to join the Beit Almog Shiloni association and establish a warm and supportive home for lone soldiers in Modi'in - "cold houseN".

We will be happy if you join the project together with your family, friends and loved ones.

אנו מזמינים אתכם להיות שותפים לדרך וחלק בלתי נפרד ממשפחת ההקמה של "בית קרן" בבית אלמוג שילוני.

Let's be partners in establishing an advanced village for lone soldiers!

We call on you to be partners, ambassadors of goodness, in raising the resources required for construction.

It's time to make the vision of the family of the late soldier Almog Shiloni a reality and establish a warm home for lonely soldiers in the city of Modi'in Maccabim Reut!

The Municipality of Modi'in Maccabim Re'ot, headed by Mayor Haim Bibbs, allocated a unique 6 dunam of land in an exceptional location near the beautiful Wadi Inba for the purpose of establishing a center for lone soldiers in the city.

16 units will be built in the center and each unit will have 6 rooms. - One such unit will be called "Beit Keren" after the name and in memory of our beloved Keren.


Financial donations will be welcomed, as well as earmarked donations for the construction of the soldiers' club, the synagogue, the rooms, the living room, the kitchen, the purchase of furniture, air conditioners, a gym, and more.

Donations can be transferred finances calculateThe bank loan according to the following details:

the international Bank, Branch 128, invoice A number 064394.

We invite you to be partners in the journey and an integral part of the founding family of "Beit Keren".

Any donation would be appreciated