The association and the team

About the association

The family of Almog Shiloni decided immediately at the end of the seven days to continue his journey and for this purpose an association was immediately formed for the purpose of establishing Beit Almog Shiloni - a warm home for lonely soldiers in the city of Modi'in Maccabim Reot.

The association is currently trying to raise financial donations in order to succeed and fulfill its vision - the establishment of a permanent Beit Almog Shiloni, which will provide a roof, a warm home and meet the needs of 100 lonely soldiers. Each of the individual soldiers receives an accompanying family from the community that will assist him to the best of its ability, host him and accompany him on his military journey through all its challenges. In addition, the association will provide assistance and guidance to those soldiers after their release from the army, with the aim of helping as much as possible in their soft absorption into civilian life.

The mayor of Modi'in, Haim Bibbs, recently informed the members of the association that an area covering six dunams has been allocated for the benefit of the project in Modi'in. Now the big task facing everyone is to raise financial donations that will help establish the longed-for Beit Almog Shiloni that will perpetuate Almog's memory.

The members of the association invest their best energy and strength to help as much as possible in this wonderful project and call on you to be partners and take part in it.

members of the association

Acting General Amir Eshel - president
Yossi Shiloni - Chairman
Michal Shiloni
Guy Shiloni
Moshe Sadia
Daniela Hellerstein
Deal Amichai
Guy Beaton
Bat Sheva Levin
Sharon Horowitz - CEO

Volunteers and activity

The association is supported by the assistance of valuable people in intelligence (not only) who support soldiers in various fields.
Volunteer activities include cooking meals for soldiers who go out on Shabbat, bringing cakes for Shabbat, repairing various appliances at home and more.

But some of the good people who help along the way:
Orit - mother of a house
Daniela - volunteer coordinator
Aliza - coordinates the cooking and bringing the food to sit for the soldiers
Genis - helps the association and the soldiers with the purchase of electrical appliances and tools for the homes
Tsivorat - the association's PR woman
Yuval - weekly shopping of consumer goods for soldiers
Iris - citizenship preparation mentor

Want to take part?

Join our team of advisors, teachers, mentors, do you have other skills that can contribute to Beit Almog Shiloni?
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