"Breathe, think, cry and let out the bereavement"


How I write this to you, I don't know. I have been trying for several days and nights to write and pour out everything that is in my heart. What a terrible loss. What an unforgettable experience that was burned into my mind and will never be forgotten. An experience I don't wish any commander in the world to experience - to bury his soldier that he loved, raised and educated.

I have so many things to say to you and about you that I haven't had time. I don't know where to start. My head is mixing all the thoughts. What now? How does the family go on without you? How does society go on without you? The one you wanted to swear to forever.

We must be realistic - the situation will not return to normal. You are gone and what remains are only the memories left of you and all the values you instilled in the people around you and your soldiers in particular.

I remember the days me, you and Liran sat in my office and joked about our relationships. How is it that with you in the ultra-orthodox sector everything goes fast and you don't wait? You, who started everything as a request and then I realized that you were serious about proposing marriage to your dear friend Noi, whom you currently left alone. But I believe you are by her side, even if it's not physically. You, you're just there! feeling you

Remember the idea for a marriage proposal that I proposed to you and you were so excited? I really wanted you to do that. I saw the happiness on your face and how you liked the idea I offered you. Maybe one day I'll do it myself to my girlfriend just because of you.

Almog, the blow was hard for every voyage and for me personally, very hard. I'll tell you a secret: at your funeral I pretended that "everything is fine and that we should move on", but it was only for our soldiers (to be the commander at the tip of the spear in force and instill a feeling of power, strength and steadfastness). On the inside, Almog, I was torn. I know that our soldiers will never understand me, because the day after the funeral I did not appear in the fleet, but this, Almog, because I had to support myself. Breathe, think, cry and let out the bereavement.

So many memories come to my mind, so much so that everything gets mixed up for me. Hope I don't forget anything.

I must point out to you something that personally moved me very much. It was only at your funeral that I realized what you did "behind my back" to keep your modesty. How did you help the soldiers in your class, team and squadron. I was very excited to hear how you welcomed Avraham into your home with open arms and made him appreciate you and the Jewish religion very much. I think you opened up to him the magnitude of the power of family and broke the thin layer of ice that was in him. Thanks to you he is back in touch with his family.

Almog, as you already know, I am a very religious person and very attached to religion. I'm sure you heard and saw from above that two soldiers from your class were selected for the military training course and should finish the course in three and a half weeks. One of the soldiers is Sharabi. He told me when I met him how much you mean to him, that you are actually the reason why he went to the military training course and that he will champion all the values you gave him just like you used to do when you were his commander. That Raabi will be a good commander - I'm sure of that, just like I was sure of you.

I miss you here at faculty meetings. It takes time to get used to the fact that you are no longer with us. Thanks to you, as you probably know, your parents decided to establish a home for lone soldiers whose goal is to accept distinct and exceptional lone soldiers from the fleet and the entire IDF alike, to a home that will provide warmth and love like any home in Israel.

There was a race in Tel Aviv in your honor. Me and the lovely Tal (the guy who didn't know you and is doing everything to immortalize you for many more years) ran the race together. On the one hand, I felt proud to knit the shirt with the inscription "Beit Almog" on your name. On the other hand, I felt a gloomy sadness that you are not running with us and all this is actually an enterprise in your memory and commemoration.

Omri Shoshani, Almog's direct commander

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