Almog Shiloni - the story of his death

"Everything is in the soul's head"

Almog's will - principles of values and positive thinking

On the 18th day of Sheshvan 1955 (November 10, 2014), Almog Asael Shiloni returned from vacation and reported to the Tsaripin camp for an examination. At the end, he went to the central station in Tel Aviv, and from there he walked to the "Hagana" train station complex, to get south to his base. On his way, a terrorist attacked him from behind with knife stabs, with the aim of stealing his weapon and harming other passers-by. 

Almog Asael was mortally wounded by the stabbings, but did not give up, showed great resourcefulness and with his last strength fought the terrorist and prevented his weapon from falling into his hands. Passersby who passed by tried the terrorist and called for help. Almog Asael was taken to the "Sheba" hospital in Tel Hashomer in serious condition, and after a few hours he died on the operating table.

After his death, Almog Eshel was promoted to the rank of first sergeant, and at the end of approximately four months, the commander of the Air Force, Major General Amir Eshel, awarded a certificate of appreciation to the Shiloni family, for the courage, responsibility and personal example demonstrated by their son. The certificate reads, among other things: "First Sergeant Almog Asael Shiloni, may his memory be blessed, showed in his actions devotion to the mission in light of the goal and a willingness to fight and perform his duty at personal risk."

From the words of the judges at the terrorist's sentencing
"The deceased's actions clearly show that the son understood the meaning of the matter well. That is, if the accused takes his weapon from him, the place will turn into a mass killing field. For this, the deceased deserves, even after his death, recognition and appreciation for his heroism."