The Center for Leadership and Values

When people tell you that you can't,
They show you their limits, not yours.

Joaquin Kevin Kino

Beit Almog Shiloni operates the Center for Leadership and Values under the leadership of Lt. Col. Mil Guy Shiloni, a senior instructor in the FOM, a senior mentor, the center has lecturers from the best professionals in the fields of psychology, strategy, military, education, economics.

The goals of the Center for Leadership and Values

Enrichment activity on culture, education, instilling the value of heroism, love of others, giving, mutual guarantee and responsibility in the IDF and in society in the spirit of the memory of the late Almog Asael Shiloni.
This unique project helps realize the personal - military - occupational potential of the individual soldier, and gives him knowledge, guidance, a toolbox, to deal with day-to-day challenges as well as planning, developing and promoting his personal life and career.

The Values Center deals with assimilating the values of mutual guarantee, humility, contribution to others, bravery and responsibility in the IDF and in society as well. In this framework, dedicated activities are held that deal with each of these values in different fields.

The activities we do are adapted to elementary age children, teenagers, upper elementary, companies, business and public bodies and organizations.

Mutual guarantee and seeing the other

Mutual guarantee is expressed in actions of support or help that are carried out between two, when one helps the other. A mutual guarantee can be made between one person and another as well as within a group.
Sages were the ones who coined the term as one of the basic values of the Jewish people when they stated that "all Israel are bound to each other". At Beit Almog they perform diverse activities that bring this value to expression in different ways.

Wherever we look or turn, there will always be someone near us or around us who will need help in one way or another. We at Beit Almog believe in the importance of seeing the other person for all their needs and are committed to contributing and helping as much as possible in various forms and ways.


The ability to gather courage and overcome fear is only one component of heroism, the heroism of instinct, alongside heroism and the ability to change and show empathy. These are the biggest challenges in our society.


Humility "from all my educated teachers" The highest level of the leader is to cause and enable his people to bring themselves fully towards the goals they want to achieve.
Humility is a fundamental quality of an authentic leader.


Responsibility "Where there are no people, try to be a man." As a consequence of the sensitivity to the other and the ability to see the other and distinguish reality, an additional floor is required according to which every person has the duty to try to make an effort and fulfill the required need in the moment.

A measure of values

Our value is measured by what we are willing to share with others. The story of Almog's heroism when he fought and kept his weapon by his side until his last breath was passed on to us as part of his legacy. The value of his heroism and other stories of heroism of soldiers who served in the army have been engraved in our hearts forever and are fundamental values that are taught in our values center.

Making decisions is committed to the path and action

Bearing the consequences of an act, commitment and guarantee are part of the responsibility that a person is required to equip himself with during his military service, as well as for his civilian life. We believe in this value and do our best to help the soldiers equip themselves with it as part of their identity and personality before entering civilian life.
The Values Center in Beit Almog holds various activities, including lectures, workshops, study days, external activities such as preparing and distributing packages to soldiers and more.
We invite each and every one of you to get involved and join us in the various activities of Beit Almog, and/or donate your time, your abilities and/or your money for the noble goal that is before us.

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