Almog Shiloni - the story of his life

his family. Their child.

Almog, twin brother of Sahar, was born in Jerusalem on the 27th of Tishrei 555 (October 2, 1994) to Michal and Yosef Chai Shiloni. Almogi - as he was called in his family - emerged into the world five minutes after his twin brother Sahar, and was the brother of the eldest Lidor and Auriel and Tahila who are younger than him.

Early childhood years

Almog Shiloni was born in Jerusalem and lived there until the age of two, when the family moved to the city of Modi'in. Almog's character traits that matured when he reached adulthood stood out already in his early years: he was quiet, shy, and introverted, moderate and very balanced in his actions and words. If bruised or hurt, it was rare that he cried or shouted. The good of the other stood before his eyes at such a very young age, and he refrained from arousing concern out of consideration.

The school period - values, principles and forward thinking

From 1st to 8th grade he attended the "Independent Education" elementary school in Hasmonaim settlement near Modi'in. He was a smiling and loving child, with a warm heart, who often kisses and hugs. He was very calm and independent, and belittled asking for help. His father said that his son was "quiet and attentive, his look so wise, his smile conquers every heart, literally falling in love. Head and first for everything in holiness, asks in order to learn the truth. A smart and intelligent student. Moral, a man of truth, devoted and determined to succeed."


Among the twin brothers, Sahar was the more prominent, active and energetic. It seems as if the introverted Almog Asahel grew up in his "shelter", but at the same time he developed unique character traits and an extraordinary personality. Almog and Sahar spent a lot of time together, they shared a room, studied in the same class, went cycling together at their father's initiative and with his participation, their sons fought and protected each other at the same time, and above all they were attentive to each other's needs. Like many twins, they also developed a special inner sense of humor.


At the beginning of their studies in the 9th grade, each of them turned to a separate path. Almog Asael Shiloni transferred to the boarding school of the "Or Baruch" yeshiva in Jerusalem and Sahar chose another setting. During this period, hidden sides were discovered in him. He was very dedicated to his studies and excelled especially in learning Torah. The head of the yeshiva highly valued his work and he quickly became a significant figure in the yeshiva landscape - a smart student in the academic-Torah aspect and with exceptional qualities and actions in regards to the social-value side. He was endowed with a peppery sense of humor that impressed the many friends he made even in his neighborhood, and earned a place of honor in his community, thanks to his magnetic personality. Almog and the sons of Rabbi Eliyahu Elharar, Rabbi of the city of Modi'in, united children and teenagers around them, and were amazing in doing mitzvahs such as charity giving, collecting food packages for the needy for the holidays and distributing them.


When he was sixteen years old, upon finishing his studies in the 10th grade, he decided to move to the "Yadidia" yeshiva in Beni Tikva where he could also study special subjects, in which he could take the matriculation exams.

Over the course of two years, he worked hard on studying the exact sciences and the humanities and social sciences, in order to catch up with the big gap between himself and the rest of the students. This, while he manages to drag many of his friends to the yeshiva thanks to the outstanding leadership qualities that characterized him. Almog Asael succeeded and achieved good results in the matriculation exams. Despite the difficulty he experienced from leaving his parents' home, these years contributed a lot to shaping his personality, sharpened him and strengthened his independence and responsibility.

Thanks to his mastery of mathematics, he was able to apply the gematria skills he was gifted with, and found additional layers of meaning in words, sentences and complete verses. This surprised the elders of the community in his settlement, who often argued with him, while he demonstrated his knowledge to them, with his characteristic quietness and modesty.

A soldier of values - the army period

As a descendant of the Shiloni family, whose love of Israel was a light at their feet, it was clear to Almog Asahel that at the end of his 12 years of schooling, he would turn to volunteer activity, after which he would enlist and faithfully serve his country in the most significant and challenging role he could fulfill. Both his grandfathers and father served as combat soldiers, and his two uncles - as officers To his disappointment, the military profile set for him made it difficult for him to accept the combat positions he wanted to fulfill, but he did not give up. Almog decided to improve his physical and mental fitness and devoted time and effort to this. During a visit to the Nabatim base, he was exposed to the "Defenders of the Negev" squadron subordinate to the ground defense wing of an aviation squadron, And he came back enchanted. He became a true "poisoned" and directed all his efforts to be accepted into the ranks of the fleet as a full-fledged fighter, on behalf of "Netzah Yehuda", and this by his very status as an ultra-Orthodox soldier.

Almog the Warrior

On March 21, 2013, after ten months of voluntary service, Almog Asael Shiloni enlisted and underwent a series of demanding training courses at the Air Force's Infantry School, all with the goal of becoming a professional and skilled fighter in the "Defenders of the Negev" regiment. These made him many true friends. He stood out for good in his operational performance in the various courses, especially in the course of commanders (platoon commanders). Almog Asael worked with full determination to achieve his goals, honestly and sincerely. At that time, he also strengthened and encouraged his twin brother Sahar, when he helped him decide on the nature of his military service.

Soon, Almog Asael became the right-hand man of the team commander, and his leadership abilities were manifested. His teammates testify that he did not freeze to death, he was always in action, constantly striving to improve the existing situation. All of them testify to his strong character, his kindness and his honest eyes.

Almog Asahel went on one of the trips suffering from pain in his knee. The journey worsened his condition, but despite the intense pain, he did not complain, did not give up and continued with determination until the end of the journey, while serving as an example and role model for his soldiers. He became a revered commander and a role model and his qualities became a household name in the eyes of his commanders and soldiers. His friends and soldiers testified that during the "Tzuk Eitan" operation, in the summer of 2014, they felt safe by his side in the operational tasks. He exudes calmness and optimism, especially in difficult times.

The welfare of the orders comes first

As the MK, the commander of a platoon of fighters, was Almog Asael Shiloni, known for putting the well-being of his subordinates first. He believed wholeheartedly that Lochem Sheva, whose plights receive full attention, becomes a much more loyal, skilled, high-quality, and professional fighter. For example, he He took care of the dental health of his soldiers, and sometimes even gave up his right to receive the same treatments. He firmly insisted on exercising the rights of his soldiers in the conversations he conducted with his superior commanders, and it was obvious that the welfare of his subordinates received a prominent priority, over his own welfare. His commanders testified that it was not possible To face his personal charm and his honest and kind eyes.

Almog Asael was exposed to the harsh civilian background in which some of his soldiers grew up. He adopted many of them into his heart and even into his home. He was particularly sensitive to the population of lone soldiers. They opened their closed hearts to him, because they knew that Almog Asahel does not give up, goes to the depths of problems in order to reach the optimal solution and even succeeds in doing so. Almog Asael's father said that his son thought that it was impossible to leave them alone in the field on vacations, and convinced his parents: "Mother, father, you have no idea how much suffering alongside the desire to contribute these soldiers have." He hosted lonely soldiers at his home on weekends and took care of all their needs. His soldiers, his peers, called him "father", thanks to his warm and caring attitude.

In between - contribution to the community, investment in the family

During his short trips to his home - even after long weeks in the service - upon arriving at his residential neighborhood in Modi'in, he made sure to visit an elderly neighbor in order to help her, even before he arrived at his home. Before his enlistment, he occasionally dined her elderly husband, and now continued the tradition of visits. When he arrived late to wish her a happy new year, he apologized for not being able to come earlier, since he was staying in his unit. He was humane and caring.

The synagogue occupied a place of honor in the life of Almog Asael Shiloni. He worked for the benefit of the place and the welfare of its people, out of a sense of mission and humility. He never boasted of his good deeds.

Respecting parents was a top value for Almog Asael. When he returned home for vacations from the army - instead of getting enough sleep like many soldiers, he woke up on Shabbat at dawn, made sure to accompany his father to the synagogue and stay in his presence from the beginning of the prayer to the end. Almog saw it as quality time together. He was a devoted son, a loyal friend to his father and a talkative person. With his mother, Michal, Almog Asael loved to cook from a young age. The kitchen was a domain reserved only for the two of them. She trusted him with everything, even cleaning the house and helping with the many preparations for Passover. With Lidor, his eldest sister, he had serious and meaningful conversations in his adulthood that left a real mark on her. He also dedicated his time to his younger brothers, Uriel and Tahila, caressing them with the warm touch characteristic only of him and playing with them with great pleasure.

18th of Hashvan 1955 (11/10/2014)

On his way back to the base through the "Hagana" train station complex, a terrorist attacked Almog with knife stabs. Almog Asael was mortally wounded by the stabbings, but did not give up, showed great resourcefulness and with his last strength fought the terrorist and prevented his weapon from falling into his hands. He was taken to the "Shiva" hospital in Tel Hashomer in serious condition, and after a few hours he died on the operating table.

in the name of the son

After the fall of their son, the Shiloni family decided to perpetuate the memory of Almog Asael by establishing Beit Almog Shiloni - a warm home for lonely soldiers in the city of Modi'in. The foundations of the house and the rationale for its establishment are Almog's outstanding values and the main motto: "You were like a coral in your life. Lives under the water, hidden from all eyes. Strengthens and nourishes everything that breathes around you."